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Alternate Names : Inflammation of the Eyelids

Blepharitis | Symptoms & Signs | Diagnosis & Tests | Prevention & Expectations | Treatment & Monitoring

What are the treatments for the disease?

Treatments include:

  • Daily cleaning of the lid with a clean cloth soaked in warm water.
  • Application of warm compresses to the lid and lids margins.
  • Cleaning of the lid margins with a cotton ball or cotton swab soaked with several drops of baby shampoo.
  • Topical antibiotic drops or ointment, such as gentamicin. Oral antibiotics may be necessary in some cases.
  • Topical corticosteroid therapy with an agent such as hydrocortisone cream. This may help control swelling and redness.
  • What are the side effects of the treatments?

    When cleaning the eyelashes, the person needs to be careful not to touch the eye itself. If corticosteroids are used, checkups with an eye doctor are needed to rule out increased intraocular pressure, which is the pressure inside the eyeball.

    What happens after treatment for the disease?

    This tends to be a chronic condition that is difficult to eliminate. Therefore, treatment must be started at the first sign of new symptoms or continued long-term.

    How is the disease monitored?

    This condition is easily monitored by watching for symptoms. Often, cleaning the eyelids is all that is necessary to keep the condition under control. Antibiotics and corticosteroids may be needed for sudden flare-ups.

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    Blepharitis: Prevention & Expectations


    Author: William Stevens, MD
    Reviewer: William M. Boggs, MD
    Date Reviewed: 03/13/01

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