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Copper | Functions and Sources

In what food source is the nutrient found?

Copper is found in many foods. The best food sources are organ meats (especially liver), seafood, nuts, and seeds. Other good sources are whole grain products, wheat bran, and cocoa products. Some foods have lower levels of copper but can add copper to the diet because they are consumed frequently. These include tea, potatoes, milk, and chicken.

How does the nutrient affect the body?

Copper helps the body make hemoglobin, which is needed to carry oxygen in red blood cells. It serves as a part of many body enzymes and helps the body produce energy in the cells. It is important in the development of tissues in the bone, lung, and circulatory system. It helps maintain a healthy nervous system.

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Copper: Overview & Description


Author: Susan Harrow Rago, RD, MS
Reviewer: Melissa Sanders, PharmD
Date Reviewed: 08/23/01

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