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Cranial CT Scan

Alternate Names : Computed Tomography, Brain, Computed Tomography, Head, CAT Scan, Brain, CAT Scan, Head, CT Scan, Brain, CT Scan, Head, Computerized Axial Transverse Tomography, CATT

Cranial CT Scan | Preparation & Expectations | Results and Values

What is involved in preparation for the test?

The person having a CT should not eat or drink for at least 4 hours before the test. The CT technologist will explain how the test is done. People who are prone to claustrophobia will receive a calming medicine before the exam.

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Cranial CT Scan: Overview & Description


Cranial CT Scan: Results and Values

Author: Stephanie Slon, BA
Reviewer: Kathleen A. MacNaughton, RN, BSN
Date Reviewed: 10/10/02

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