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Provides comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased information in patient-friendly language on more than 11,000 drugs and medications. 3-RX.com contains two drug information databases:
• DrugNotes (Quick Drug Information)
• USP DI® Volume II: Advice for the Patient® (Detailed Drug Information)

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Generic Names

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Topics begining with "S"

  • Sacrosidase (Oral) (Sucraid)
  • Sacrosidase (Systemic) (Sucraid)
  • Salicylic Acid and Sulfur (Topical) (Essential Care Creamy Dandruff Shampoo; Essential Care Maximum Strength Dandruff Shampoo; Essential Care Medicated Dandruff Wash; Meted; Pernox (Lemon); Pernox (Regular); Pernox Lathering Abradant Scrub Cleanser (Fresh Scent); SAStid Soap; Sebex; Sebulex; Sebulex (Regular); Sebulex (with Conditioners))
  • Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, and Coal Tar (Topical) (Sebex-T Tar Shampoo; Sebutone; Vanseb-T)
  • Salicylic Acid (Topical) (Antinea; Buf-Puf Acne Cleansing Bar with Vitamin E; Calicylic Creme; Clear Away; Clear by Design Medicated Cleansing Pads; Clearasil Clearstick Maximum Strength Topical Solution; Clearasil Clearstick Regular Strength Topical Solution; Clearasil Double Textured Pads Maximum Strength; Clearasil Double Textured Pads Regular Strength; Clearasil Medicated Deep Cleanser Topical Solution; Compound W Gel; Compound W Liquid; Cuplex Gel; Duofilm; Duoplant Topical Solution; Freezone; Gordofilm; Hydrisalic; Ionax Astringent Skin Cleanser Topical Solution; Ionil Plus Shampoo; Ionil Shampoo; Keralyt; Keratex Gel; Lactisol; Listerex Golden Scrub Lotion; Listerex Herbal Scrub Lotion; Mediplast; Noxzema Anti-Acne Gel; Noxzema Anti-Acne Pads Maximum Strength; Noxzema Anti-Acne Pads Regular Strength; Occlusal Topical Solution; Occlusal-HP Topical Solution; Off-Ezy Topical Solution Corn & Callus Remover Kit; Off-Ezy Topical Solution Wart Removal Kit; Oxy Clean Extra Strength Cleanser Topical Solution; Oxy Clean Extra Strength Medicated Pads; Oxy Clean Medicated Cleanser; Oxy Clean Medicated Pads Maximum Strength; Oxy Clean Medicated Pads Regular Strength; Oxy Clean Medicated Pads Sensitive Skin; Oxy Clean Medicated Soap; Oxy Clean Regular Strength Medicated Cleanser Topical Solution; Oxy Clean Regular Strength Medicated Pads; Oxy Clean Sensitive Skin Cleanser Topical Solution; Oxy Clean Sensitive Skin Pads; Oxy Night Watch Maximum Strength Lotion; Oxy Night Watch Night Time Acne Medication Extra Strength Lotion; Oxy Night Watch Night Time Acne Medication Regular Strength Lotion; Oxy Night Watch Sensitive Skin Lotion; Oxy Sensitive Skin Vanishing Formula Lotion; P&S; Paplex; Paplex Ultra; Propa pH Medicated Acne Cream Maximum Strength; Propa pH Medicated Cleansing Pads Maximum Strength; Propa pH Medicated Cleansing Pads Sensitive Skin; Propa pH Perfectly Clear Skin Cleanser Topical Solution Normal/Combination Skin; Propa pH Perfectly Clear Skin Cleanser Topical Solution Oily Skin; Propa pH Perfectly Clear Skin Cleanser Topical Solution Sensitive Skin Formula; Salac; Salacid; Sal-Acid Plaster; Salactic Film Topical Solution; Sal-Clens Plus Shampoo; Sal-Clens Shampoo; Saligel; Salonil; Sal-Plant Gel Topical Solution; Sebucare; Stri-Dex Dual Textured Pads Maximum Strength; Stri-Dex Dual Textured Pads Regular Strength; Stri-Dex Dual Textured Pads Sensitive Skin; Stri-Dex Maximum Strength Pads; Stri-Dex Regular Strength Pads; Stri-Dex Super Scrub Pads; Tersac Cleansing Gel; Trans-Plantar; Trans-Ver-Sal; Verukan Topical Solution; Verukan-HP Topical Solution; Viranol; Viranol Ultra; Wart-Off Topical Solution; X-Seb)
  • Salmeterol (Serevent Diskus; Serevent; Serevent Diskhaler)
  • Salmeterol (Inhalation) (Serevent Diskus)
  • Salmeterol/Fluticasone (Inhalation) (Advair Diskus 100/50; Advair Diskus 250/50; Advair Diskus 500/50)
  • Salsalate (Amigesic; Anaflex 750; Marthritic; Mono-Gesic; Salflex; Salsitab; salicylsalicylic acid; Disalcid)
  • Salsalate (Oral) (Amigesic; Mono-Gesic; Salflex)
  • Samarium Sm 153 Lexidronam (Therapeutic) (Quadramet)
  • Saquinavir (Oral) (Fortovase; Invirase)
  • Saquinavir (Systemic) (Fortovase; Invirase)
  • Sargramostim (Granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF); Leukine)
  • Sargramostim (Injection) (Leukine)
  • Scopolamine (Topical) (Transderm Scop)
  • Scopolamine (hyoscine hydrobromide; Transderm-Sco¯p; Buscopan; Transderm-V)
  • Scopolamine (Isopto Hyoscine)
  • Secobarbital (Seconal; Novosecobarb)
  • Secobarbital and Amobarbital (Tuinal)
  • Selegiline (Oral) (Eldepryl)
  • Selegiline (Systemic) (Apo-Selegiline; Carbex; deprenil; deprenyl; Eldepryl; Gen-Selegiline; Novo-Selegiline; Nu-Selegiline; SD Deprenyl; Selegiline-5)
  • Selenious Acid (Sele-Pak; Selepen)
  • Selenium Sulfide (Topical) (Dandrex; Selsun Blue Medicated Treatment)
  • Selenium Sulfide (Topical) (Exsel Lotion Shampoo; Glo-Sel; Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment 2 in 1 (Persistent Dandruff Shampoo plus Conditioner in One) Formula Dandruff Lotion Shampoo; Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment Conditioning Formula Dandruff Lotion Shampoo; Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment Regular Formula Dandruff Lotion Shampoo; Selsun; Selsun Blue; Selsun Blue Dry Formula; Selsun Blue Extra Conditioning Formula; Selsun Blue Extra Medicated Formula; Selsun Blue Oily Formula; Selsun Blue Regular Formula; Versel Lotion)
  • Senna (Correctol Herbal Tea; Dr. Caldwell Senna Laxative; Black-Draught Lax-Senna; Fletcher's Castoria; Senexon; Senna-Gen; Senolax; X-Prep Liquid)
  • Senna (Senokot)
  • Sennosides (Evac-U-Gen; Ex-Lax; Ex-Lax Chocolate; Herbal Laxative; Senokot; Senokot Children's Syrup; SenokotXTRA; Nature's Remedy; Ex-Lax Extra Strength; Glysennid; PMS-Sennosides; SenoKot XTRA)
  • Sennosides and Docusate (Senokot-S; Ex-Lax Gentle Strength)
  • Sermorelin (Systemic) (Geref)
  • Sertaconazole (Topical)
  • Sertaconazole (Topical) (Ertaczo)
  • Sertraline (Oral) (Zoloft)
  • Sertraline (Systemic) (Zoloft)
  • Sevelamer (Oral) (Renagel)
  • Sevelamer (Oral) (Renagel)
  • Sevoflurane (Inhalation-Systemic) (Sevorane; Ultane)
  • Sibutramine (Oral) (Meridia)
  • Sibutramine (Systemic) (Meridia)
  • Sildenafil (Oral) (Viagra)
  • Sildenafil (Systemic) (Viagra)
  • Silicone Oil 5000 Centistokes (Parenteral-Local) (AdatoSil 5000; polydimethylsiloxane)
  • Silver Sulfadiazine (Topical) (Silvadene; SSD; SSD AF; Thermazene)
  • Silver Sulfadiazine (Topical) (Flamazine; Silvadene; SSD; SSD AF; Thermazene)
  • Simethicone (Oral) (Alka-Seltzer Anti-Gas; Anti-Gas Ultra Strength; Baby Gasz; Equilizer Gas Relief; Gas Aid Maximum Strength; Gas-X; Gas-X Extra Strength; Genasyme; Infantaire Gas Drops; Maalox Anti-Gas; Maalox Anti-Gas Extra Strength; Mylanta Gas; Mylanta Gas Maximum Strength; Mylicon Infants'; Mytab Gas; Mytab Gas Maximum Strength; Phazyme; Phazyme Ultra Strength; Simeped)
  • Simethicone (Oral) (Baby's Own Infant Drops; Extra Strength Maalox Anti-Gas; Extra Strength Maalox GRF Gas Relief Formula; Flatulex; Gas Relief; Gas-X; Gas-X Extra Strength; Genasyme; Maalox Anti-Gas; Maalox GRF Gas Relief Formula; Maximum Strength Gas Relief; Maximum Strength Mylanta Gas Relief; Maximum Strength Phazyme; My Baby Gas Relief Drops; Mylanta Gas; Mylanta Gas Relief; Mylicon Drops; Ovol; Ovol-160; Ovol-40; Ovol-80; Phazyme; Phazyme Drops; Phazyme-125; Phazyme-95)
  • Simvastatin (Zocor; Epistatin; Synvinolin)
  • Simvastatin (Oral) (Zocor)
  • Sincalide (Diagnostic) (Kinevac)
  • Sirolimus (Oral) (Rapamune)
  • Sirolimus (Systemic) (Rapamune; rapamycin)
  • Sodium Cellulose Phosphate (Oral) (Calcibind)
  • Sodium Citrate (Oral) (Citra pH)
  • Sodium Ferric Gluconate Complex (Injection) (Ferrlecit)
  • Sodium Fluoride (Oral) (CaviRinse; EtheDent; Fluorabon; Fluor-A-Day; Fluorigard; Fluorinse; Flura-Drops; Flura-Loz; Luride; Neutragard Fluoride Rinse; NeutraGard Plus; Pediaflor; Pharmaflur; Pharmaflur 1.1; Phos-Flur; Prevident Dental Rinse)
  • Sodium Oxybate (Oral) (Xyrem)
  • Sodium Benzoate and Sodium Phenylacetate (Systemic) (Ucephan)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (Systemic) (Arm and Hammer; Bell/ans; Citrocarbonate; Pure Baking Soda; Soda Mint)
  • Sodium Chloride (Intra-amniotic)
  • Sodium Citrate and Citric Acid (Bicitra; Oracit)
  • Sodium Ferric Gluconate (Ferrlecit)
  • Sodium Fluoride (Systemic) (Flozenges; Fluor-A-Day; Fluoritab; Fluoritabs; Fluorodex; Fluorosol; Flura; Flura-Drops; Flura-Loz; Karidium; Luride; Luride Lozi-Tabs; Luride-SF Lozi-Tabs; PDF; Pediaflor; Pedi-Dent; Pharmaflur; Pharmaflur 1.1; Pharmaflur df; Phos-Flur; Solu-Flur)
  • Sodium Iodide I 131 (Therapeutic)
  • Sodium Iodide (Systemic) (Iodopen)
  • Sodium Oxybate (Systemic) (GHB; Xyrem)
  • Sodium Phenylbutyrate (Systemic) (Buphenyl)
  • Sodium Phosphate (Fleet Phospho-Soda)
  • Sodium Phosphate P 32 (Therapeutic)
  • Sodium Phosphates (Fleet Enema; Fleet Enema for Children; Enemol; Fleet Pediatric Enema; Gent-L-Tip)
  • Sodium Salicylate (Gin Pain Pills; Dodd's Extra Strength; Dodd's Pills)
  • Sodium Thiosulfate (Systemic) (Cyanide Antidote Package)
  • Somatrem (Protropin)
  • Somatrem (Injection) (Protropin)
  • Somatropin, E-Coli Derived (Injection) (Genotropin; Genotropin Miniquick; Humatrope; Norditropin; Nutropin; Nutropin AQ; Nutropin AQ Pen Cartridge; Nutropin Depot)
  • Somatropin, Recombinant (Genotropin; Genotropin Miniquick; Humatrope; Norditropin; Nutropin; Nutropin AQ; Saizen; Serostim)
  • Sotalol (Oral) (Betapace; Betapace AF; Sorine)
  • Sotalol (Betapace; Sotacor)
  • Sparfloxacin (Zagam)
  • Sparfloxacin (Systemic) (Zagam)
  • Spectinomycin (Systemic) (Trobicin)
  • Spiramycin (Systemic) (Provamicina; Rovamycina; Rovamycine; Rovamycine 250; Rovamycine 500; Spiramycine Coquelusédal)
  • Spironolactone (Oral) (Aldactone)
  • Spironolactone (Aldactone; Novospiroton)
  • Spironolactone/Hydrochlorothiazide (Oral) (Aldactazide)
  • Spironolactone and Hydrochlorothiazide (Aldactazide; Spirozide; Novo-Spirozine)
  • Stanozolol (Winstrol)
  • Stavudine (Oral) (Zerit)
  • Stavudine (Systemic) (d4T; Zerit)
  • Streptokinase (Injection) (Streptase)
  • Streptokinase (Streptase)
  • Streptomycin (Injection)
  • Streptozocin (Injection) (Zanosar)
  • Streptozocin (Systemic) (Zanosar)
  • Strontium Chloride Sr 89 (Injection) (Metastron)
  • Strontium Chloride Sr 89 (Therapeutic) (Metastron)
  • Succimer (Oral) (Chemet)
  • Succimer (Systemic) (Chemet; dimercaptosuccinic acid; DMSA)
  • Sucralfate (Oral) (Carafate)
  • Sucralfate (Oral) (Apo-sucralfate; Carafate; Sulcrate; Sulcrate Suspension Plus)
  • Sufentanil (Sufenta)
  • Sulconazole (Topical) (Exelderm)
  • Sulfacetamide (Ak-Sulf; Bleph-10; Cetamide; Isopto-Cetamide; I-Sulfacet; Ocu-Sul-10; Ocu-Sul-15; Ocu-Sul-30; Ocusulf-10; Ophthacet; Sodium Sulamyd; Spectro-Sulf; Steri-Units Sulfacetamide; Sulf-10; Sulfair; Sulfair 10; Sulfair 15; Sulfair Forte; Sulfamide; Sulten-10; Sulfex)
  • Sulfacetamide (Ophthalmic) (Bleph-10; Ocu-Sul 10; Ocu-Sul 15; Ocu-Sul 30; S.O.S.S.; Sodium Sulamyd; Sulf-10)
  • Sulfacetamide Sodium/Sulfur (Topical) (AVAR Cleanser; AVAR Gel; AVAR Green; AVAR-e; AVAR-e Green; Clenia; Nicosyn; Plexion; Plexion Sct; Plexion TS; Prascion; Rosac Cream w/Sunscreens; Rosanil; Rosula; Rosula Aqueous Gel; Sulfacet-R; Zetacet)
  • Sulfacetamide/Prednisolone (Ophthalmic) (Blephamide; Blephamide S.O.P.; Metimyd; Ocu-Lone C; Vasocidin)
  • Sulfadiazine (Oral)
  • Sulfadiazine and Trimethoprim (Coptin; Coptin 1; Cotrimazine)
  • Sulfadoxine/Pyrimethamine (Oral) (Fansidar)
  • Sulfadoxine and Pyrimethamine (Systemic) (Fansidar)
  • Sulfamethizole (Thiosulfil Forte)
  • Sulfamethoxazole (Oral)
  • Sulfamethoxazole (Gantanol; Urobak; Apo-Sulfamethoxazole)
  • Sulfamethoxazole and Phenazopyridine (Azo Gantanol; Azo-Sulfamethoxazole)
  • Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim (Sulfatrim; Sulfatrim-DS; Sulfatrim Pediatric; Sulfatrim S/S; Sulfatrim Suspension; Apo-Sulfatrim; Apo-Sulfatrim DS; Novo-Trimel; Novo-Trimel D.S.; Nu-Cotrimox; Nu-Cotrimox DS; Roubac; Cotrimoxazole; SMZ-TMP; Bactrim; Bactrim DS; Bactrim I.V.; Bactrim Pediatric; Cofatrim Forte; Cotrim; Cotrim DS; Cotrim Pediatric; Septra; Septra DS; Septra I.V.; Septra Suspension; Septra Grape Suspension)
  • Sulfanilamide (AVC)
  • Sulfanilamide (Vaginal) (Avc)
  • Sulfapyridine (Systemic) (Dagenan)
  • Sulfasalazine (Oral) (Azulfidine; Azulfidine Entabs; Sulfazine; Sulfazine EC)
  • Sulfasalazine (Systemic) (Alti-Sulfasalazine; Azulfidine; Azulfidine EN-Tabs; PMS-Sulfasalazine; PMS-Sulfasalazine E.C.; S.A.S. Enteric-500; S.A.S.-500; Salazopyrin; Salazopyrin EN-Tabs; salazosulfapyridine; salicylazosulfapyridine; sulphasalazine)
  • Sulfathiazole/Sulfacetamide/Sulfabenzamide (Vaginal)
  • Sulfinpyrazone (Systemic) (Anturan; Anturane; Apo-Sulfinpyrazone; Novopyrazone)
  • Sulfisoxazole (Gantrisin; sulfafurazole)
  • Sulfisoxazole (Oral) (Gantrisin Pediatric; Truxazole)
  • Sulfisoxazole (Gantrisin; Apo-Sulfisoxazole; Novo-Soxazole; Sulfizole)
  • Sulfisoxazole and Phenazopyridine (Azo Gantrisin; Azo-Sulfisoxazole; Azo-Truxazole; Sul-Azo)
  • Sulfur (Topical) (Cuticura Ointment; Finac; Fostex CM; Fostex Regular Strength Medicated Cover-Up; Fostril Cream; Fostril Lotion; Lotio Alsulfa; Sulpho-Lac)
  • Sulindac (Clinoril; Apo-Sulin; Novo-Sundac)
  • Sulindac (Oral) (Clinoril)
  • Sumatriptan (Injection) (Imitrex)
  • Sumatriptan (Nasal) (Imitrex)
  • Sumatriptan (Oral) (Imitrex)
  • Sumatriptan (Systemic) (Imitrex)
  • Sunscreen (Topical) (Baby Sunscreen; Blistex Ultra Protection; Chap Stick Ultra; Chap-ET Sunban; Sport Sunscreen; Ti-Screen Moisturizing Sunscreen)
  • Suprofen (Profenal)
  • Suramin (Systemic) (309 F; Antrypol; Bayer 205; Belganyl; Fourneau 309; Germanin; Moranyl; Naganin; Naganol; Naphuride)

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