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Heart and Lung Transplant

Alternate Names : Heart-Lung Transplant

Heart and Lung Transplant | Preparation & Expectations | Home Care and Complications

What happens right after the procedure?

The person will spend at least an hour in the surgery recovery room until the anesthesia has worn off. Once the person is breathing well, the ventilator is turned off and the person can breathe normally. The person must stay in the hospital several days or even weeks to recover. Pain medications are given as needed for pain. Medications to suppress the immune system are given to prevent the body from rejecting the new organs.

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Heart and Lung Transplant: Overview & Description


Heart and Lung Transplant: Home Care and Complications

Author: Adam Brochert, MD
Reviewer: Gail Hendrickson, RN, BS
Date Reviewed: 09/04/01

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