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Heart Block

Alternate Names : Atrioventricular Block, AV Block, Bundle Branch Block, Complete Heart Block, First-Degree Heart Block, Second-Degree Heart Block, Third-Degree Heart Block, Cardiac Conduction Defect, Infranodal Block, Intraatrial Block, Intraventricular Block, Sinoatrial Block

Heart Block | Symptoms & Signs | Diagnosis & Tests | Prevention & Expectations | Treatment & Monitoring

What are the signs and symptoms of the disease?

Symptoms depend on how severe the heart block is and in what part of the heart it occurs. Often, heart block causes no symptoms. If the heart block is severe enough, the heart rate will slow, and symptoms of low blood pressure or stroke will appear. The person may feel dizzy, weak, confused, or may have less tolerance for exercise. At times, some people may even pass out.

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Heart Block: Overview, Causes, & Risk Factors


Heart Block: Diagnosis & Tests

Author: Eric Berlin, MD
Reviewer: Kathleen A. MacNaughton, RN, BSN
Date Reviewed: 09/17/02

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