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You are here : 3-RX.com > Medical Encyclopedia > Diseases and Conditions > Hepatitis D: Symptoms & Signs
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Hepatitis D

Alternate Names : Hepatitis Delta

Hepatitis D | Symptoms & Signs | Diagnosis & Tests | Prevention & Expectations | Treatment & Monitoring

What are the signs and symptoms of the infection?

In some cases, hepatitis B may cause mild or moderate symptoms, including:

  • nausea
  • jaundice. This skin yellowing usually lasts a week or two, accompanied by darkened urine.
  • malaise, or a vague feeling of illness
  • fatigue
  • pain in the right upper part of the stomach
  • hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar
  • diarrhea
  • mild fever
  • a somewhat enlarged and tender liver
  • weight loss as a result of loss of appetite
  • Hepatitis D virus infection is often severe if it occurs in someone who already has chronic hepatitis B. This acute fulminant form of hepatitis involves severe liver cell destruction and loss of liver function. It can be fatal. Symptoms include:

  • an enlarged, painful liver
  • enlarged spleen
  • severe jaundice
  • susceptibility to bleeding
  • encephalopathy, a disorder in the functioning of the brain
  • aplastic anemia in rare cases. Aplastic anemia is a condition in which the bone marrow cannot make enough red and white blood cells.
  • Chronic liver disease, which may occur with hepatitis D, often has minimal symptoms. At times there may be mild flare-ups with jaundice, nausea, fatigue, and weight loss.

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    Hepatitis D: Overview, Causes, & Risk Factors


    Hepatitis D: Diagnosis & Tests

    Author: Thomas Fisher, MD
    Reviewer: Eileen McLaughlin, RN, BSN
    Date Reviewed: 07/13/01

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