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You are here : 3-RX.com > Medical Encyclopedia > Diseases and Conditions > Cushing's Syndrome: Symptoms & Signs
      Category : Health Centers > Endocrine Disorders

Cushing's Syndrome

Alternate Names : Hypercortisolism

Cushing's Syndrome | Symptoms & Signs | Diagnosis & Tests | Prevention & Expectations | Treatment & Monitoring

What are the signs and symptoms of the disease?

Signs and symptoms of Cushing's syndrome vary but may include:

  • fragile, thin skin that bruises easily
  • high blood glucose
  • increased fat around the neck
  • irritability, anxiety, and depression
  • muscle weakness
  • obesity in the upper body
  • severe fatigue
  • Women with Cushing's syndrome may have excessive hair growth on their faces, necks, trunks, and thighs. They may have absent or irregular menstruation. Men with may have decreased fertility and decreased or absent sexual desire. In children, the syndrome may cause obesity and slow growth rates.

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    Cushing's Syndrome: Overview, Causes, & Risk Factors


    Cushing's Syndrome: Diagnosis & Tests

    Author: Bill Harrison, MD
    Reviewer: Eileen McLaughlin, RN, BSN
    Date Reviewed: 06/04/01

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