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Our Background & History

Learn where we are located, who we are, how it all started, purpose of the web site, our role as an educator, and the intended audience.

When it comes to Healthcare, knowledge is more than just power. It's peace-of-mind. The more informed people feel about their health, the more comfortable they feel making Healthcare decisions. In addition, when it comes to the health of a loved one, reliable information from a trusted source can be the difference between needless worrying and positive action.

3-RX.com answers these needs by providing consumers with a comprehensive, one-stop source of reliable, current health information that can be accessed through this Web site. Our mission is to be the Internet's most trusted and extensive information resource for health and medical content. We will achieve this aim by presenting objective, comprehensive, up-to-date health information in a clear and concise format for consumers and health professionals alike.

This Web site, http://www.3-RX.com/ is brought to you by 3-RX.com, a privately held company, dedicated to provide comprehensive and authoritative information on the net, and thus helping people better understand their health and the way their bodies work. We believe that if we can connect individuals and their loved ones to accurate, engaging, credible, and comprehensive health information, then we can help to improve the overall quality of their health.

A visit to 3-RX.com can't replace a one-on-one consultation. However, it can help make people better informed about the health and medical issues facing them. It is this knowledge that empowers them to make better decisions.

3-RX.com was started with a goal of providing valuable health information, tools for managing one's health, and support to those who seek information. Today, we are working harder than ever to provide you immediate, open access best healthcare information on the internet. Our team has been joined by an experienced support team of web design professionals, e-strategy consultants, operations/administrative staff, and -most importantly- leaders in medicine who comprise our Content Partners.

Our site is supported by revenue from site advertisers. We have business relationships with companies who pay us to place advertisements or product and service offers on our Web site. We use the revenue from these relationships to help offset the costs of developing quality consumer health information, and to add further content on the site, in order to bring you the most complete and up-to-date health resource on the Web.

3-RX.com has its main technical center in Yerevan, Armenia, and has partnered with the best, most credible companies and organizations in the health-care industry.

The site is primarily made for US audiences, but can be used by anyone interested in general health information.

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