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Changes in diet can sometimes lead to hair loss

DietingSep 19 05

Dieters hoping to lose weight are discovering they’re losing something else—their hair.

The little-talked-about secret of the dieting industry is that a successful diet can also trigger hair loss. As Americans struggle with obesity and tackle countless fad diets, some dermatologists say they are increasingly hearing complaints from perplexed dieters about thinning hair.

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Schwarzenegger signs ban on sodas in high schools

DietingSep 16 05

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation on Thursday to ban carbonated soda in state high schools as part of an effort to stem teen obesity.

“California is facing an obesity epidemic,” said Schwarzenegger, a former Mr. Olympia and longtime health advocate. “Today we are taking some first steps in creating a healthy future for California.”

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Fast food “clusters” seen around schools

DietingAug 30 05

Most Chicago kids have a wide array of fast food options waiting for them just a few minutes’ walk from school, a new study shows.

This means kids from kindergarten to high school have easy access to high-fat, low-nutrition snacks and meals before, after and even during school, Dr. S. Bryn Austin of Children’s Hospital in Boston and her colleagues report. And it isn’t just a Chicago problem, Austin told Reuters Health; she expects the situation is similar in urban centers nationwide.

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Starving won’t make people live longer-researchers

DietingAug 29 05

Starving - or caloric restriction - may make worms and mice live up to 50 percent longer but it will not help humans live super-long lives, two biologists argue.

They said Sunday their mathematical model showed that a lifetime of low-calorie dieting would only extend human life span by about 7 percent, unlike smaller animals, whose life spans are affected more by the effects of starvation.

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When calories attack

DietingAug 12 05

If you’ve cut out junk food, increased the exercise, ditched the salt shaker and still 10 pounds cling, it may be because ...

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Fatty diet may thwart brain’s fullness signal

DietingAug 08 05

Rats that are fed a high-fat diet appear to lose their sensitivity to a hormone that tells the body when it’s had enough to eat—and the same could be true of humans, according to researchers.

In experiments with rats fed either a high- or low-fat diet, researchers at Pennsylvania State University found that the fatty diet diminished the rodents’ sensitivity to a hormone called cholecystokinin, or CCK.

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False beliefs about junk food could help diet

DietingAug 03 05

For some people, simply suggesting that they had a bad childhood experience with a certain food may cause them to think twice before eating it again, researchers reported Monday.

The implication, they say, is that false beliefs about food could serve as a basis for a whole new form of dieting—where, for instance, parents of a junk-food-loving teen tell him that a doughnut made him sick when he was 4.

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