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Obesity Epidemic leads to Bariatric Surgery and Post Bariatric Surgery

Obesity • • SurgeryMar 08, 10

The American obesity epidemic statistics are staggering. Nowhere else in the world is there a country with such a wide spread obesity problem. Approximately 11 million Americans are morbidly obese. Obesity and related problems are the leading cause of death in America. According to the American Heart Association at http://www.americanheart.org, 71% of non-Hispanic white men and 57.6% of women are overweight and of these 30.2% of men and 30.7% of women are obese. Of non-Hispanic blacks 67% of men and 79.6% of women are overweight and of these 30.8% of men and 51.1% of women are obese. Of Mexican Americans 74.6% of men and 73% of women are overweight and of these 29.1% of men and 39.4% of women are obese. Because of these staggering statistics, the prevalence of bariatric surgery is very high.

The benefits of bariatric surgery often outweigh the risks. Patients typically lose well over a hundred pounds. The health benefits are astounding, though the risks are high. With recent technological advances and changes in the way surgeries have been performed, the risks are slowly decreasing, but with old methods, serious problems exceeded 30% of those who underwent surgery. For those without complications though, bariatric surgery is a life giving procedure.

After losing over a hundred pounds, patients tend to notice the way their skin hangs in empty folds.

Patients often hit their ideal weight and find that their excess skin makes them feel and look much heavier. This can be emotionally and mentally discouraging. For those who are good candidates, post bariatric body lifts and arm lifts are the perfect solution to this problem.

Post bariatric body lifts remove excess skin by incising patients around the torso and removing excess skin. This improves the look of the body by drastically reducing the amount of empty skin. Arm lifts also remove hanging, empty skin, often giving patients the confidence to wear short sleeved or even sleeveless shirts for the first time in years. Self confidence improves dramatically along with physical appearance and health. The benefits of a new body far outweigh the risks.

Patients must be smart about the surgeon they choose. An expert plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic surgery is a must.

Jay Calvert
Jay Calvert, MD, FACS is a board certified plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills and Orange County, CA. He performs all types of plastic surgery and specializes in face lifts, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. To learn more about Dr. Calvert’s aesthetic surgery practice, please visit http://www.drcalvert.com or Call 1-310-777-8800 in Beverly Hills or 1-949-644-2858 in Newport Beach to set up an appointment.

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