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      Category : Health Centers > Ears and Hearing Disorders


Alternate Names : Ear Infection

Overview, Causes, & Risk Factors | Symptoms & Signs | Diagnosis & Tests | Prevention & Expectations | Treatment & Monitoring

Otitis is an inflammation or infection of any part of the outer, middle, or inner ear.

What is going on in the body?

The ear consists of 3 parts.

  • The outer ear includes the ear canal and the auricle, which is the skin flap on the side of the head.
  • The middle ear contains the 3 small bones for hearing, as well as the air-filled space behind the eardrum.
  • The inner ear consists of the cochlea, a bone used for hearing, and the labyrinth, which is involved in balance.
  • Any part of the ear can be inflamed, or irritated. Often the cause is an infection by a virus, bacteria, or fungus.

    What are the causes and risks of the infection?

    Causes and risks vary, depending on the part of the ear involved and the cause of the otitis. Specific information can be found under the types of otitis listed above.


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    Otitis: Symptoms & Signs

    Author: Mark Loury, MD
    Reviewer: Nicholas J. Rowley, MD
    Date Reviewed: 05/22/01

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