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Oral Sex

Sexual HealthJul 05, 06

OK, so if we tell you to use a condom every single time for oral sex you’re going to laugh at us like we’re a big joke. However, if you want to reduce your risk for catching HIV and STDs, that’s what you need to do. Contrary to popular belief, you can catch HIV from giving blow jobs, not to mention STDs like herpes, syphilis, and gonorrhea, to name a few.

If you can’t wrap that Willy before you suck it, here are a few tips that can help reduce the risk of catching anything while smokin’ the fag pole.

  •   Don’t brush or floss 4 hours before. Brushing and flossing cause small tears in the gums that make it easier for diseases to enter the body.    
  •   Try sucking the cock like you’re playing the harmonica, the key being to avoid the tip and the exchange of pre-cum or semen.    
  •   Avoid pointy foods: no Doritos, Cap’n Crunch, or anything else that will tear up your mouth for at least 4 hours before sucking.    
  •   Don’t take loads in your mouth, and stop at the first sign of pre-cum.

Using Peroxide after sucking cock? Here’s what you should know:

  •   Should only be used as a mouthwash    
  •   It is not likely to kill HIV or STDs    
  •   It is not a reliable way to prevent HIV/STDs    
  •   It may damage mouth tissue if used more than 2 to 3 times a day. This could make your mouth more susceptible to infection.

Peroxide freshens breath only!

Oral Hygiene: A dentist a day...
The main HIV risk involved with smoking the pole comes from getting a shot in the mouth. If you have any cuts or sores in your mouth, then that is a route of transmission. And if you don’t have good oral hygiene, you can tear your mouth up just from brushing your teeth. It takes about 4 hours for the membrane around your gums to heal. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing in the morning, after meals, and before you go to bed. It also recommends flossing twice daily.

You should also go to the dentist for a checkup at least twice a year. Not brushing and flossing allows bacteria to build up around your gums, causing them to recede. Smoking crystal meth can also rot your gums away. And just think of how attractive you’ll be at the bars and baths when your teeth start falling out. Brushing and flossing prevents this. Having healthy gums can reduce your risk for HIV transmission if you should happen to get cum in your mouth. Suck smart, suck safe!

One of the biggest complaints about condoms, which I’m sure we’re all familiar with, its that they can kill spontaneity and ruin the mood in the heat of the moment. Fair enough. So, how can we make putting a on a condom fun and sexy? Simple! By using a technique that prostitutes have been using for years. It’s called “Cheeking”. All you have to do is put the condom in your mouth (be sure not to bite or you risk tearing it) and then put it on the head of the dick. Then, using your lips, unroll the condom all the way down the length of the shaft and keep on sucking it till it’s good and wet. For your sake you might want to use a flavored condom. Yummy! By the time you’re polishing his knob, most guys won’t care or complain that they’ve got a rubber on. Hookers will frequently do this with their Johns as a matter of safety, slipping the rubber on and going to town before he has a chance to protest. If he doesn’t know it’s coming it can be fun and spontaneous, and since condoms are usually a prelude to a fuck, this can be a sexy way of letting him know that you’re ready for a good, safe ass-pounding.


  •   Watch the teeth! The biggest mistake that novice fellatrixes make is scraping the penis with their teeth. Though some men may like this mix of pain and pleasure, most will not. Fact is, it’s difficult to relax and enjoy the sensations of you’re always worrying about your dick being bitten off. Tucking your teeth under your lips is one way to make sure you avoid this. Otherwise, just make sure to open wide and be careful. Your teeth and his skin just weren’t meant to be together.    
  •   Act like you like it! It may seem simple, but if you act like you enjoy giving head, it will increase his pleasure greatly. Nothing’s worse than getting a blowjob from a reluctant or unwilling partner. A little enthusiasm will go a long way. Some ways to show you like it include: initiating oral sex, without him asking for it or expecting reciprocation; making noises during the act (try humming…there’s a reason they call it a ‘hummer’); and playing with yourself as things get hot.    
  •   Be firm! A penis isn’t a Popsicle. Licking at first (especially behind the head) can be tantalizing and exciting, but when it’s time to get down to business, take him firmly in your mouth and bob your head up and down.    
  •   Use your hands! Your hands are free, so use them! Complement the sucking up top with a hand job lower down the shaft, lubed up with your saliva of course. Gently play with his balls. Even try putting a finger or two up his ass. However, be careful not to put them anywhere near the penis after that. A pair of latex gloves and water-based lube will help with hygiene. Your hands are also a good way to speed up his coming if you’re not looking for a marathon session. A hand job/blow job combo should result in a quick, intense orgasm.    
  •   Making it safe! There is risk in fellatio: you can easily pass disease like herpes and even HIV can be transmitted, especially if he ejaculates in your mouth. If you choose to play it safe with a condom, be sure to get one that is lubricant-free. Then, place a generous amount of water-based lube inside the condom. This will increase his pleasure greatly.

Deep Throating
While shoving your entire cock down another guy’s throat is an incredible turn-on, being able to take an entire cock down your throat is another story. You see, it’s all because of a troublesome little thing called your gag reflex, which prevents you from choking but, unfortunately, can also prevent you from completely swallowing a nice solid 8-incher, or even a five-and-a-half. But with some practical cock swallowing pointers, you can stop gagging in no time. The first thing to do is practice, practice, practice. You can do this with anything from a doctor’s tongue suppressor to a banana or dildo. Slowly slide it into your throat going back as far as you can. Relax. Once you feel the gag coming on, ease up a bit and try again. It may take some time, but soon you’ll be able to fight the urge to purge and get that thing down your gullet. It’s not like we’re asking you to swallow a sword. The best position for facilitating deep throating is on your back, with your neck craned back and your head tilted off of the edge of the bed. This creates a straight shot from your dick-sucking lips all the way down to your large intestine. Have your partner slide it in nice and slow, easing it all the way to the base of the shaft. You’ll have a nose full of hairy balls in no time. And in this position he can return the favor. Just call it a carrot to finish the job.

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