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You are here : 3-RX.com > Medical Encyclopedia > Tests and Exams > Calcium in Urine

Calcium in Urine

Alternate Names : Urinary Calcium Excretion, Calcium, 24 Hour Urine

Overview & Description | Preparation & Expectations | Results and Values

This test measures the amount of calcium in urine.

Calcium is needed for many cellular functions. It is especially important for bone structure and muscle activity. The amount of calcium in urine can help find and monitor disorders involving calcium regulation.

Who is a candidate for the test?

This test is ordered to help diagnose diseases of the kidneys, parathyroid glands, or bones.

How is the test performed?

This test is performed on a urine sample collected over 24 hours.

In general, this schedule is followed: On the first day, the person should urinate as usual after getting up. This sample is not saved. Then all urine produced for the next 24 hours is collected in a special container. The next morning's urine is added to the day's collection. The sample must be refrigerated until it is delivered to a healthcare provider.


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Calcium in Urine: Preparation & Expectations

Author: David T. Moran, MD
Reviewer: Adam Brochert, MD
Date Reviewed: 09/19/01

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