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      Category : Health Centers > Injuries and Safety

First Aid for Near Drowning

Alternate Names : Suffocation

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Near drowning occurs when a person becomes submerged in a liquid, usually water, making breathing difficult and causing near death or, in some cases, initial survival with the victim dying of related causes more than 24 hours later.

What are the causes and risks of the injury?

Near drowning is caused by lack of oxygen, whether or not water has entered the lungs. A deep pool of water is not the only drowning hazard. Someone can drown in a very small amount of water if the mouth and nose are covered, preventing the person from breathing.

Individuals at greatest risk for near drowning are those who are very young, very old, unable to swim, or those who tire easily. Many drowning or near-drowning cases are the result of recreational activities, such as boating or swimming. Other risk factors include swimming after drinking alcohol.


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First Aid for Near Drowning: Symptoms & Signs

Author: James Broomfield, MD
Reviewer: Eileen McLaughlin, RN, BSN
Date Reviewed: 07/03/01

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