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Drugs & Medications

USP DI® Volume II: Advice for the Patient® (Detailed Drug Information Database) is the most comprehensive consumer drug education material on the market covering more than 11,000 U.S. and Canadian drugs and medications. The information is written in consumer-friendly language and provides direct, reassuring guidance on proper use, precautions, side effects, special considerations such as age, allergy information, pregnancy warnings and more.

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Detailed Drug Information (USP DI)

0-9 A-Ak Akn-Ame Ame-Ant Ant-Ara Ara-Az B-Ben Ben-Bli Bli-Bz C-Car Car-Chl Chl-Cli Cli-Cor Cor-Cz D-Der Der-Dic Dic-Doc Dod-Dz E-Equ Equ-Ez F-Flu Flu-Fz G-Geo Geo-Gz H-Hom Hon-Hz I-Int Int-Iz J K L-Lio Lio-Lz M-Men Men-Min Min-Mz N-Nic Nic-Nov Nov-Nz O-Ora Ora-Oz P-Pen Pen-Pho Pho-Pot Pot-Pro Pro-Pz Q R-Rhi Rho-Rz S-Sil Sil-Sta Sta-Sz T-Tes Tes-Tob Tob-Tri Tri-Tz U V-Vib Vib-Vz W X Y Z

Topics begining with "C-Car"

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