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Drugs & Medications

Provides comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased information in patient-friendly language on more than 11,000 drugs and medications. 3-RX.com contains two drug information databases:
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• USP DI® Volume II: Advice for the Patient® (Detailed Drug Information)

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Generic Names

0-9 A-Aml Aml-Az B C-Chl Chl-Cz D-Die Die-Dz E F G H I J K L M-Met Met-Mz N O P-Pod Pol-Pz Q R S T-Tic Til-Tz U V W X Y Z

Topics begining with "B"

  • Bacampicillin (Spectrobid; Penglobe)
  • Bacillus Of Calmette And Guerin (Intravesical) (Theracys; Tice BCG)
  • Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) Live for Cancer (Mucosal-Local) (ImmuCyst; Pacis; TheraCys; TICE BCG)
  • Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) Live (Systemic) (TICE BCG)
  • Bacitracin/Neomycin/Polymyxin B (Topical) (Mycitracin; Neoporacin; Neosporin; Neosporin Neo To Go)
  • Baclofen (Injection) (Lioresal Intrathecal Refill Kit; Lioresal Intrathecal Screening Kit)
  • Baclofen (Oral) (Baclofen)
  • Baclofen (Intrathecal-Systemic) (Lioresal Intrathecal)
  • Baclofen (Systemic) (Apo-Baclofen; Lioresal; Novo-Baclofen; Nu-Baclofen; PMS-Baclofen)
  • Balsalazide (Oral) (Colazal)
  • Balsalazide (Systemic) (Colazal)
  • Barium Sulfate (Diagnostic)
  • Basiliximab (Systemic) (Simulect)
  • Becaplermin (Topical) (Regranex)
  • Becaplermin (Topical) (Regranex)
  • Beclomethasone (Nasal) (Beconase; Beconase AQ; Vancenase; Vancenase AQ; Vancenase AQ Double Strength)
  • Beclomethasone (Inhalation) (Beclovent; Qvar)
  • Beclomethasone (Beclovent; Qvar; Vanceril; Vanceril 84 mcg Double Strength; Beclodisk; Becloforte; Beclovent Rotacaps; Beclomethasone dipropionate;; Beclomethasone;; Beclomethasone dipropionate)
  • Beclomethasone (Vancenase; Vancenase AQ 84 mcg; Vancenase pockethaler; beclometasone; Beconase; Beconase AQ)
  • Beclomethasone (Propaderm; Beclometasone)
  • Belladonna and Butabarbital (Butibel)
  • Benazepril (Lotensin)
  • Benazepril (Oral) (Lotensin)
  • Benazepril/Amlodipine (Oral) (Lotrel)
  • Benazepril and Hydrochlorothiazide (Lotensin HCT)
  • Bendroflumethiazide (Naturetin)
  • Bentiromide (Diagnostic)
  • Bentoquatam (Topical) (Ivy Block)
  • Bentoquatam (Topical) (IvyBlock)
  • Benzalkonium Chloride (Pharmatex)
  • Benznidazole (Systemic) (Radanil; Ro7-1051; Rochagan)
  • Benzocaine (Anbesol, Baby; Anbesol Maximum Strength Gel; Anbesol Maximum Strength Liquid; Benzodent; Dentocaine; Orajel Extra Strength; Orajel Liquid; Topicaine; ethyl aminobenzoate; Chloraseptic Lozenges, Children's; Dentapaine; Dent-Zel-Ite; Hurricaine; Numzident; Num-Zit Gel; Num-Zit Lotion; Orabase, Baby; Orabase-B with Benzocaine; Orajel, Baby; Orajel Maximum Strength; Orajel Nighttime Formula, Baby; Oratect Gel; Rid-A-Pain; SensoGARD Canker Sore Relief; Spec-T Sore Throat Anesthetic; Anbesol Baby Jel)
  • Benzocaine (Topical) (Americaine; Americaine Anesthetic Lubricant; Anacaine; Benzocaine; Chiggerex; Chiggertox; Dent's Maxi-Strength Toothache Drops; Durex Maintain Desensitizing; Mandelay Maximum Strength; Medicone Maximum Strength; Outgro; Solarcaine)
  • Benzocaine (Americaine Hemorrhoidal; ethyl aminobenzoate)
  • Benzocaine (Americaine Topical Anesthetic First Aid Ointment; Americaine Topical Anesthetic Spray; Lagol; Endocaine; Shield Burnasept Spray; Ethyl aminobenzoate)
  • Benzocaine and Menthol (Chloraseptic Lozenges; Chloraseptic Lozenges Cherry Flavor)
  • Benzocaine and Menthol (Dermoplast; Butyl aminobenzoate)
  • Benzocaine and Phenol (Anbesol Regular Strength Gel; Anbesol Regular Strength Liquid; Anbesol Gel; Anbesol Liquid)
  • Benzodiazepines (Oral) (Alprazolam Intensol; Ativan; Diazepam Intensol; Doral; Halcion; Klonopin; Klonopin Wafers; Lorazepam Intensol; Prosom; Restoril; Serax; Valium; Xanax; Xanax XR)
  • Benzonatate (Oral) (Tessalon Perles)
  • Benzonatate (Systemic) (Tessalon)
  • Benzoyl Peroxide (Topical) (Acne-5; Benzac AC; Benzac AC Wash; Benzac W; Benzac W Wash; Benzagel Wash; Benzagel-10; Benzagel-5; Benzashave; Brevoxyl-4; Brevoxyl-4 Creamy Wash; Brevoxyl-8; Brevoxyl-8 Creamy Wash; Clinac BPO; Del-Aqua-10; Del-Aqua-5; Desquam-E; Desquam-X 10; Desquam-X 5; Fostex Benzoyl Peroxide; Loroxide; Neutrogena Acne Mask; Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne; Oxy 10 Balance Medicated Face Wash; Oxy 10 Balance Spot Treatment; Oxy Balance Spot Treatment; Palmer's Skin Success Acne; Panoxyl Aqua Gel; Panoxyl Bar 10; Panoxyl Bar 5; Seba-Gel; Stri-Dex Day & Night; Triaz; Triaz Cleanser; Zapzyt Acne; Zapzyt Treatment)
  • Benzoyl Peroxide (Topical) (10 Benzagel; 10 Benzagel Acne Gel; 2.5 Benzagel Acne Gel; 2.5 Benzagel Acne Lotion; 5 Benzagel; 5 Benzagel Acne Gel; 5 Benzagel Acne Lotion; 5 Benzagel Acne Wash; 5 Benzagel Liquid Acne Soap; Acetoxyl 10 Gel; Acetoxyl 2.5 Gel; Acetoxyl 20 Gel; Acetoxyl 5 Gel; Acne-Aid Aqua Gel; Acne-Aid Vanishing Cream; Acnomel B.P. 5 Lotion; Ambi 10 Acne Medication; Benoxyl 10 Lotion; Benoxyl 20 Lotion; Benoxyl 5 Lotion; Benzac 10 Gel; Benzac 5 Gel; Benzac AC 10 Gel; Benzac AC 2½ Gel; Benzac AC 5 Gel; Benzac AC Wash 10; Benzac AC Wash 2½; Benzac AC Wash 5; Benzac W 10 Gel; Benzac W 2½ Gel; Benzac W 5 Gel; Benzac W Wash 10; Benzac W Wash 5; BenzaShave 10 Cream; BenzaShave 5 Cream; Brevoxyl-4 Cleansing Lotion; Brevoxyl-4 Gel; Brevoxyl-8 Cleansing Lotion; Brevoxyl-8 Gel; Clean & Clear Persagel 10; Clean & Clear Persagel 5; Clear By Design 2.5 Gel; Clearasil BP Plus 5 Lotion; Clearasil BP Plus Skin Tone Cream; Clearasil Maximum Strength Medicated Anti-Acne 10 Tinted Cream; Clearasil Maximum Strength Medicated Anti-Acne 10 Vanishing Cream; Clearasil Maximum Strength Medicated Anti-Acne 10 Vanishing Lotion; Clearplex 10; Clearplex 5; Cuticura Acne 5 Cream; Del-Aqua-10 Gel; Del-Aqua-5 Gel; Dermacne; Dermoxyl 10 Gel; Dermoxyl 20 Gel; Dermoxyl 5 Gel; Dermoxyl Aqua 5 Gel; Desquam-E 10 Gel; Desquam-E 2.5 Gel; Desquam-E 5 Gel; Desquam-X 10 Bar; Desquam-X 10 Gel; Desquam-X 10 Wash; Desquam-X 2.5 Gel; Desquam-X 5 Gel; Desquam-X 5 Wash; Exact 5 Tinted Cream; Exact 5 Vanishing Cream; Fostex 10 Bar; Fostex 10 BPO Gel; Fostex 10 Cream; Fostex 10 Wash; Fostex 5 Gel; H; Loroxide 5 Lotion; Loroxide 5.5 Lotion; Neutrogena Acne Mask 5; Noxzema Clear-ups Maximum Strength 10 Lotion; Noxzema Clear-ups On-The-Spot 10 Lotion; Oxy 10 Balance Emergency Spot Treatment Cover-Up Formula Gel; Oxy 10 Balance Emergency Spot Treatment Invisible Formula Gel; Oxy 10 Balance Maximum Medicated Face Wash; Oxy 5 Regular Strength Cover-Up Cream; Oxy 5 Regular Strength Vanishing Lotion; Oxy 5 Sensitive Skin Vanishing Lotion; Oxy Balance Deep Action Night Formula Lotion; Oxy Balance Emergency Spot Treatment Invisible Formula Gel; Oxyderm 10 Lotion; Oxyderm 20 Lotion; Oxyderm 5 Lotion; PanOxyl 10 Bar; PanOxyl 10 Gel; PanOxyl 10 Wash; PanOxyl 15 Gel; PanOxyl 20 Gel; PanOxyl 5 Bar; PanOxyl 5 Gel; PanOxyl 5 Wash; PanOxyl AQ 10 Gel; PanOxyl AQ 2½ Gel; PanOxyl AQ 5 Gel; PanOxyl Aquagel 10; PanOxyl Aquagel 2.5; PanOxyl Aquagel 20; PanOxyl Aquagel 5; Solugel 4; Solugel 8; Student's Choice Acne Medication; Triaz; Triaz Cleanser; Xerac BP 5)
  • Benzphetamine (Didrex; Benzfetamine)
  • Benztropine (Cogentin; Apo-Benztropine; PMS Benztropine; Benzatropine)
  • Benztropine Mesylate (Oral)
  • Benzyl Benzoate (Topical) (Ascabiol)
  • Bepridil (Vascor)
  • Beta-Carotene (Systemic) (Lumitene; Max-Caro)
  • Betaine (Systemic) (Cystadane)
  • Betamethasone (Oral) (Celestone)
  • Betamethasone (Injection)
  • Betamethasone (Betnesol)
  • Betamethasone Dipropionate (Topical) (Alphatrex; Del-Beta; Maxivate)
  • Betamethasone/Clotrimazole (Topical) (Lotrisone)
  • Betamethasone (Betnesol)
  • Betamethasone (Diprolene; Diprolene AF; Diprosone; Luxiq; Maxivate; Teladar; Alphatrex; Betatrex; Beta-Val; Dermabet; Ectosone Scalp Lotion; Metaderm Mild; Metaderm Regular; Novobetamet; Occulocort; Prevex B; Topilene; Topisone; Valisone Scalp Lotion; Uticort; Valisone; Valisone Reduced Strength; Valnac; Beben; Betacort Scalp Lotion; Betaderm; Betaderm Scalp Lotion; Betnovate; Betnovate-½; Celestoderm-V; Celestoderm-V/2; Ectosone Mild; Ectosone Regular)
  • Betamethasone (Celestone; Celestone Phosphate; Celestone Soluspan; Selestoject; Betnesol)
  • Betamethasone (Betnesol)
  • Betaxolol (Kerlone)
  • Betaxolol (Oral) (Kerlone)
  • Betaxolol (Ophthalmic) (Betoptic S)
  • Betaxolol (Betoptic; Betoptic S)
  • Bethanechol (Oral) (Urecholine)
  • Bethanechol (Systemic) (Duvoid; Urabeth; Urecholine)
  • Bexarotene (Oral) (Targretin)
  • Bexarotene (Topical) (Targretin)
  • Bexarotene (Systemic) (Targretin)
  • Bexarotene (Topical) (Targretin)
  • Bicalutamide (Oral) (Casodex)
  • Bicalutamide (Casodex)
  • Bimatoprost (Ophthalmic) (Lumigan)
  • Bimatoprost (Ophthalmic) (Lumigan)
  • Biotin (Systemic) (coenzyme R; vitamin Bw; vitamin H)
  • Biperiden (Akineton)
  • Bisacodyl (Correctol Caplets; Dulcolax; FemiLax; Alophen; Bisac-Evac; Carter's Little Pills; Correctol; Fleet Laxative; Gentle Laxative; Veracolate; Apo-Bisacodyl; Bisacolax; Modane; Feen-a-Mint; PMS-Bisacodyl)
  • Bisacodyl (Fleet Bisacodyl; Fleet Laxative; Theralax; Apo-Bisacodyl; Bisacolax; Laxit; PMS-Bisacodyl; Bisco-Lax; Dacodyl; Deficol; Dulcolax)
  • Bismuth/Metronidazole/Tetracycline (Oral) (Helidac Therapy)
  • Bismuth Subsalicylate, Metronidazole, and Tetracycline—For H. pylori (Systemic) (Helidac)
  • Bismuth Subsalicylate (Oral) (Bismatrol; Bismatrol Extra Strength; Bismed; Pepto-Bismol; Pepto-Bismol Easy-to-Swallow Caplets; Pepto-Bismol Maximum Strength; PMS-Bismuth Subsalicylate)
  • Bisoprolol (Oral) (Zebeta)
  • Bisoprolol (Zebeta)
  • Bisoprolol/Hydrochlorothiazide (Oral) (Ziac)
  • Bisoprolol and Hydrochlorothiazide (Ziac)
  • Bleomycin (Injection) (Blenoxane)
  • Bleomycin (Systemic) (Blenoxane)
  • Bortezomib (Intravenous) (Velcade)
  • Bortezomib (Systemic) (Velcade)
  • Bosentan (Oral) (Tracleer)
  • Bosentan (Systemic) (Tracleer)
  • Botulinum Toxin Type A (Injection) (Botox; Botox Cosmetic)
  • Botulinum Toxin Type B (Injection) (Myobloc)
  • Botulinum Toxin Type A (Parenteral-Local) (Botox)
  • Botulinum Toxin Type B (Parenteral-Local) (Myobloc)
  • Brimonidine (Ophthalmic) (Alphagan P)
  • Brimonidine (Ophthalmic) (Alphagan)
  • Brinzolamide (Ophthalmic) (Azopt)
  • Brinzolamide (Ophthalmic) (Azopt)
  • Bromazepam (Alti-Bromazepam; Gen-Bromazepam; Lectopam)
  • Bromocriptine (Oral) (Parlodel)
  • Bromocriptine (Systemic) (Alti-Bromocriptine; Apo-Bromocriptine; Parlodel; Parlodel SnapTabs)
  • Brompheniramine (Bromphen; Cophene-B; Dimetapp Allergy Liqui-Gels; Nasahist B; Dimetane)
  • Brompheniramine and Pseudoephedrine (Bromadrine TR; Bromfed; Bromfed-PD; Bromfenex; Bromfenex PD; Dallergy Jr; Iofed; Iofed PD; Lodrane LD; Lodrane Liquid; Respahist; Rondec Chewable; Brofed Liquid; ULTRAbrom; ULTRAbrom PD)
  • Brompheniramine, Phenylephrine, and Codeine (Dimetapp-C)
  • Brompheniramine, Phenylephrine, Codeine, and Guaifenesin (Dimetane Expectorant-C)
  • Brompheniramine, Phenylephrine, Hydrocodone, and Guaifenesin (Dimetane Expectorant-DC)
  • Brompheniramine, Pseudoephedrine, and Acetaminophen (Dimetapp Cold & Fever Suspension)
  • Brompheniramine, Pseudoephedrine, and Dextromethorphan (Bromfed-DM; Sildec-DM)
  • Budesonide (Inhalation) (Pulmicort Respules)
  • Budesonide (Nasal) (Rhinocort; Rhinocort Aqua)
  • Budesonide (Oral) (Entocort EC)
  • Budesonide (Pulmicort Respules; Pulmicort Turbuhaler; Pulmicort Nebuamp)
  • Budesonide (Rhinocort; Rhinocort Aqua; Rhinocort Turbuhaler)
  • Budesonide (Entocort)
  • Budesonide (Entocort)
  • Buffered Aspirin (Arthritis Pain Ascriptin; Arthritis Pain Formula; Arthritis Strength Bufferin; Magnaprin; Maximum Strength Ascriptin; Regular Strength Ascriptin; Tri-Buffered ASA; Bufferin Caplets; Bufferin Tablets; Buffex; Buffinol; Buffinol Extra; Cama Arthritis Pain Reliever; Extra Strength Bayer Plus Caplets; Aspirin Plus Stomach Guard Extra Strength; Aspirin Plus Stomach Guard Regular Strength; Bufferin Extra Strength Caplets)
  • Buffered Aspirin and Caffeine (Cope; C2 Buffered)
  • Buffered Insulin Human (R) (Humulin 50/50; Humulin 70/30; Humulin 70/30 Pen; Humulin 40/60; Novolin ge 30/70; Novolin ge 10/90 Penfill; Novolin ge 20/80 Penfill; Novolin ge 30/70 Penfill; Novolin ge 40/60 Penfill; Novolin ge 50/50 Penfill; Velosulin Human; Regular insulin, R; Semilente insulin, S; Novolin 70/30; Novolin 70/30 PenFill; Novolin 70/30 Prefilled; Velosulin BR; Humulin 10/90; Humulin 20/80; Humulin 30/70)
  • Buffered Insulin Human (R) or Insulin (R) or Insulin Human (R) (Regular insulin, R)
  • Bulk-Forming Laxative (Oral) (Alramucil; Bulk-K; Cilium; Citrucel; Equalactin; Fiber Choice; Fiber Ease; Fiber Laxative; Fiber Therapy; Fiberall; Fibercon; Fibertab; Fibro-Tabs; Fibro-XL; Genfiber; Hydrocil Instant; Konsyl; Konsyl Easy Mix Formula; Konsyl Fiber; Konsyl-D; Konsyl-Orange; Laxmar; Metamucil; Metamucil Smooth Texture; Perdiem Fiber; Phillips' Fibercaps; Psyllium Husk; Reguloid; Resource Benefiber; Serutan; Soluble Fiber Therapy; Syllact; Unifiber; V-Lax)
  • Bumetanide (Injection)
  • Bumetanide (Oral) (Bumex)
  • Bumetanide (Bumex)
  • Bupivacaine (Marcaine; Marcaine Spinal; Sensorcaine; Sensorcaine-MPF; Sensorcaine-MPF Spinal; Sensorcaine Forte)
  • Buprenorphine (Leritine; Buprenex)
  • Buprenorphine (Buprenex)
  • Bupropion (Oral) (Wellbutrin; Wellbutrin SR; Zyban)
  • Bupropion (Systemic) (amfebutamone; Wellbutrin; Wellbutrin SR; Zyban)
  • Buserelin (Systemic) (Suprefact)
  • Buspirone (Oral) (Buspar; Buspar Dividose; Vanspar)
  • Buspirone (Systemic) (BuSpar; BuSpar DIVIDOSE; Bustab)
  • Busulfan (Oral) (Myleran)
  • Busulfan (Injection) (Busulfex)
  • Busulfan (Systemic) (Busulfex; Myleran)
  • Butabarbital (Busodium; Butalan; Butisol; Sarisol No. 2)
  • Butalbital/Acetaminophen/Caffeine (Oral) (Anolor 300; Esgic; Esgic-Plus; Ezol; Fioricet; Geone; Margesic; Medigesic; Nonbac; Pacaps; Repan; Tenake; Zebutal)
  • Butalbital/Aspirin/Caffeine (Oral) (Fiorinal; Fortabs; Laniroif)
  • Butalbital/Aspirin/Codeine/Caffeine (Oral) (Ascomp w/Codeine; Fiorinal w/Codeine)
  • Butalbital, Acetaminophen, and Caffeine (Amaphen; Anolor-300; Anoquan; Arcet; Butace; Dolmar; Endolor; Esgic; Esgic-Plus; Ezol; Femcet; Fioricet; Isocet; Medigesic; Pacaps; Pharmagesic; Repan; Tencet; Triad; Two-Dyne)
  • Butalbital, Acetaminophen, Caffeine, and Codeine (Systemic) (Fioricet with Codeine)
  • Butalbital and Acetaminophen (Bancap; Bucet; Conten; Phrenilin; Phrenilin Forte; Sedapap; Tencon; Triaprin)
  • Butalbital and Aspirin (Axotal)
  • Butalbital, Aspirin (Butalgen; Fiorgen; Fiorinal; Fiormor; Fortabs; Isobutal; Isobutyl; Isolin; Isollyl; Laniroif; Lanorinal; Marnal; Vibutal; Tecnal; butalbital-AC; butalbital compound)
  • Butalbital, Aspirin, and Codeine (Ascomp with Codeine No.3; Butalbital Compound with Codeine; Butinal with Codeine No.3; Fiorinal with Codeine No.3; Idenal with Codeine; Isollyl with Codeine; Fiorinal-C ¼; Fiorinal-C ½; Tecnal-C ¼; Tecnal-C ½)
  • Butamben (Butesin Picrate)
  • Butenafine (Topical) (Mentax)
  • Butenafine (Topical) (Mentax)
  • Butoconazole (Femstat 3)
  • Butorphanol (Nasal) (Stadol NS)
  • Butorphanol (Stadol)
  • Butorphanol (Injection) (Stadol)
  • Butorphanol (Stadol)
  • Butorphanol (Nasal-Systemic) (Stadol NS)

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