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Provides comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased information in patient-friendly language on more than 11,000 drugs and medications. 3-RX.com contains two drug information databases:
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Generic Names

0-9 A-Aml Aml-Az B C-Chl Chl-Cz D-Die Die-Dz E F G H I J K L M-Met Met-Mz N O P-Pod Pol-Pz Q R S T-Tic Til-Tz U V W X Y Z

Topics begining with "D-Die"

  • Dacarbazine (Injection) (Dtic-Dome)
  • Dacarbazine (Systemic) (DTIC; DTIC-Dome)
  • Daclizumab (Systemic) (dacliximab; Zenapax)
  • Dactinomycin (Injection) (Cosmegen)
  • Dactinomycin (Systemic) (actinomycin-D; Cosmegen)
  • Dalteparin (Injection) (Fragmin)
  • Dalteparin (Systemic) (Fragmin)
  • Danaparoid (Systemic) (Orgaran)
  • Danazol (Oral) (Danocrine)
  • Danazol (Systemic) (Cyclomen; Danocrine)
  • Dantrolene (Systemic) (Dantrium; Dantrium Intravenous)
  • Dapiprazole (Ophthalmic) (Rev-Eyes)
  • Dapiprazole (Ophthalmic) (Rev-Eyes)
  • Dapsone (Oral) (Dapsone)
  • Dapsone (Systemic) (Avlosulfon; DDS)
  • Daptomycin (Systemic) (Cubicin)
  • Darbepoetin Alfa (Injection) (Aranesp)
  • Darbepoetin alfa (Systemic) (Aranesp)
  • Daunorubicin (Injection) (Cerubidine)
  • Daunorubicin Citrate Liposome (Injection) (Daunoxome)
  • Daunorubicin, Liposomal (Systemic) (DaunoXome)
  • Daunorubicin (Systemic) (Cerubidine)
  • Decongestant/Analgesic (Oral) (666 Cold Maximum Strength; Advil Cold & Sinus; Aleve Cold & Sinus; Aleve Sinus & Headache; Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Sinus; Allerest No Drowsiness; BC Sinus-Cold; Cepacol Sore Throat; Cetafen Cold; Coldonyl; Coldrine; Dristan Cold Maximum Strength; Dristan Sinus; Genapap Sinus Maximum Strength; Ibuprofen Cold & Sinus; Ibu-profen Cold & Sinus; Ibuprofen Cold Children's; Medi-Synal; Motrin Cold Children's; Motrin Sinus Headache; Non-Aspirin Sinus; Ornex; Ornex Maximum Strength; Proprinal Cold & Sinus; Sine-Off Maximum Strength; Sinus Relief; Sinutab Sinus; Sudafed Sinus; Sudafed Sinus & Cold; Suphedrin Sinus Maximum Strength; Tylenol Cold Children's; Tylenol Cold Infants'; Tylenol Sinus Children's; Tylenol Sinus Maximum Strength)
  • Decongestant/Antitussive (Oral) (Pediacare Cough + Cold Children's; Pediacare Decongestant Plus Cough; Pediacare Long Acting Cough & Cold; Promethazine VC; Respi-TANN; Robitussin Cough & Cold; Robitussin Pediatric Cough & Cold; Sudafed Children's Cold & Cough; Triaminic AM-Cough/Decongestant; Tuss-DA; Vicks 44d Cough & Head Congestion)
  • Decongestant/Expectorant (Oral) (Aldex; Altarussin PE; Altex-PSE; Ambifed-G; Amidal; Ami-Tex LA; Ami-Tex PSE; Aquatab D; Biotuss PE; Broncholate; Broncomar; Bronkaid Dual Action Formula; Centex PSE; Coldmist Jr; Coldmist LA; Coldmist S; Congestac; Crantex; Crantex ER; Crantex LA; Deconex; Decongest II; Deconsal II; Defen-LA; Despec; Despec SR; D-Feda II; Drituss GP; Duraphen II; Durasal II; Duratuss; Duratuss AM/PM; Duratuss GP; Dynex; Endal; Entex; Entex ER; Entex LA; Entex PSE; Eudal SR; G/P 1200/75; GFN 1200/Phenylephrine 40; GFN 1200/PSE 50; GFN 550/PSE 60; GFN 595/PSE 48; GFN 795/PSE 85; GFN 800/PE 25; GFN 800/PSE 60; GP-1200; G-Phed; G-Phed-PD; Guaifed; Guaifed-PD; Guaifenex GP; Guaifenex PSE 120; Guaifenex PSE 60; Guaifenex PSE 80; Guaifenex-Rx; Guaimax-D; Guapetex; Guiadex D; Guiadex PD; Guiadrine GP; Guiadrine PSE; Guiaphed; H 9600 SR; Iosal II; Iotex PSE; KGS-PE; Kie; Levall G; Liquibid-D; Liquibid-D 1200; Liquibid-PD; Lusonex; Mardrops; Maxifed; Maxifed-G; Medent LD; Med-Rx; Mindal; Mintab D; Miraphen PSE; Nasatab LA; New Ami-Tex LA; Panmist Jr; Panmist LA; Panmist S; PhenaVent D; Poly-Vent; Poly-Vent Jr; Primatene; Profen Forte; Profen II; Prolex PD; Prolex-D; Proset-D; Pseudo GG TR; Pseudocot-G; Pseudoephedrine GG; Pseudo-G; Pseudovent; Pseudovent Ped; Q-Tussin PE; Quindal; Quintex; Rescon-GG; Respa-1st; Respaire-120 SR; Respaire-60 SR; Respa-PE; Robitussin PE; Robitussin Severe Congestion; Ru-Tuss Jr; Severe Congestion And Cough Aid; Sil-Tex Liquid; SINA-12X; Sinuvent PE; Stamoist E; Sudafed Non-Drying Sinus; Sudal 60/500; Sudal Liquid; Sudal SR; Syn-Rx; Touro LA; Triactin Chest Congestion; V-Dec-M; Versacaps; WE Mist II LA; We Mist LA; Zaptec PSE; Zephrex; Zephrex LA)
  • Decongestant/Expectorant/Antitussive (Oral) (Added Strength Cough Syrup; Added Strength Cough Syrup-D; Ambifed-G DM; Aquatab C; Broncotron-D; Carbatuss; Certuss-D; Coldmist DM; Duraphen DM; Dynatuss EX Syrup; Formula D; GDP-EX; Genantuss; Genebronco-D; Genetuss-2; Genexpect-PE; GFN 1200/DM 20/PE 40; GFN 1200/DM 60/PSE 60; GFN 550/PSE 60/DM 30; GFN 595/PSE 48/DM 32; Giltuss; Giltuss Pediatric; Giltuss TR; Greatuss G; Guaifenex-Rx DM; Hydro Pro DM SR; Levall; Mardrops DM; Maxifed DM; Maxifed DMX; Medent DM; Med-Rx DM; Mintab C; Panmist DM; PDM GG; Pediatuss NR; Profen Forte DM; Profen II DM; Protuss-DM; Pseudo DM GG; Pseudovent DM; P-Tuss DM; Relacon-DM; Rhinosyn-X; Robitussin Cold & Cough; Robitussin Pediatric; Ru-Tuss DM; SINUtuss DM; Supress DX Pediatric; Touro CC; Trikof-D; Trispec-PE; TriTuss; TriTuss-ER; Tri-Vent DM; Tusnel Pediatric; Tussafed-EX; Tussafed-EX Pediatric; Tussafed-LA; Tussex; Tussi-Pres; Z-Cof DM)
  • Deferoxamine (Injection) (Desferal)
  • Deferoxamine (Systemic) (Desferal; desferrioxamine)
  • Delavirdine (Oral) (Rescriptor)
  • Delavirdine (Systemic) (Rescriptor)
  • Demecarium (Humorsol)
  • Demeclocycline (Declomycin)
  • Denileukin Diftitox (Injection) (Ontak)
  • Denileukin Diftitox (Systemic) (Ontak)
  • Deserpidine (Harmonyl)
  • Deserpidine and Hydrochlorothiazide (Oreticyl; Oreticyl Forte)
  • Deserpidine and Methyclothiazide (Enduronyl Forte; Dureticyl; Enduronyl)
  • Desflurane (Inhalation-Systemic) (Suprane)
  • Desipramine (Pertofrane; Norpramin)
  • Desipramine (Oral) (Norpramin)
  • Desloratadine (Oral) (Clarinex; Clarinex Reditabs)
  • Desloratadine (Clarinex; Aerius)
  • Desloratadine (Systemic) (Aerius; Clarinex)
  • Desmopressin (Injection) (DDAVP)
  • Desmopressin (Nasal) (DDAVP; DDAVP Rhinal Tube; Minirin; Stimate)
  • Desmopressin (Oral) (DDAVP)
  • Desmopressin (Systemic) (DDAVP Injection; DDAVP Nasal Spray; DDAVP Rhinal Tube; DDAVP Rhinyle Nasal Solution; DDAVP Spray; DDAVP Tablets; Octostim; Stimate Nasal Spray)
  • Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol (Oral) (Apri; Cyclessa; Desogen; Kariva; Mircette; Ortho-Cept)
  • Desogestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol (Ortho-Cept; Cyclessa; Desogen; Mircette; Marvelon)
  • Desonide (Tridesilon; DesOwen)
  • Desoximetasone (Topicort Mild; Topicort; Topicort LP)
  • Desoximetasone (Topical) (Topicort; Topicort LP)
  • Dexamethasone (Dexacort Turbinaire)
  • Dexamethasone (Ophthalmic) (Maxidex; Ocu-Dex)
  • Dexamethasone (Injection) (Cortastat LA; Dexasone L.A.; Solurex LA)
  • Dexamethasone (Oral) (Decadron; Dexamethasone Intensol; Dexpak)
  • Dexamethasone (AK-Dex; Baldex; Decadron; Dexair; Dexotic; Spersadex; Maxidex; Ocu-Dex; Storz-Dexa; Diodex; PMS-Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate; R.O.-Dexasone)
  • Dexamethasone (Decadron)
  • Dexamethasone (Cortastat; Cortastat 10; Cortastat LA; Dalalone; Dalalone D.P.; Dalalone L.A.; Decadrol; Decadron; Decadron Elixir; Decadron-LA; Decadron Phosphate; Decaject; Decaject-LA; Dexacorten; Dexacorten-LA; Dexamethasone Intensol; Dexasone; Dexasone L.A.; Dexone; Dexone 0.75; Dexone 1.5; Dexone 4; Dexone LA; Hexadrol; Hexadrol Phosphate; Mymethasone; Primethasone; Solurex; Solurex LA; Deronil; Oradexon)
  • Dexamethasone (Aeroseb-Dex; Decaderm; Decadron; Decaspray)
  • Dexbrompheniramine and Pseudoephedrine (Dexaphen SA; Disobrom; Disophrol Chronotabs; Drixomed; Drixoral Cold and Allergy; Drixoral; Drixoral Night; Drixtab)
  • Dexbrompheniramine , Pseudoephedrine, and Acetaminophen (Drixoral Allergy-Sinus; Drixoral Cold and Flu)
  • Dexchlorpheniramine (Dexchlor; Polaramine; Polaramine Repetabs)
  • Dexfenfluramine (Oral)
  • Dexmethylphenidate (Oral) (Focalin)
  • Dexmethylphenidate (Systemic) (D-methylphenidate; Focalin; Ritadex)
  • Dexrazoxane (Systemic) (Zinecard)
  • Dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine; Dexedrine Spansule; DextroStat)
  • Dextroamphetamine/Amphetamine (Oral) (Adderall; Adderall XR)
  • Dextroamphetamine and amphetamine (Adderall)
  • Dextromethorphan (Oral) (Babee Cof Syrup; Benylin Pediatric Formula; Creomulsion Cough; Creomulsion For Children; Creo-Terpin; Delsym; ElixSure Cough Children's; Father John's Medicine; Miltuss; Pediacare Long-Acting Cough; Robitussin Maximum Strength; Robitussin Pediatric Cough; Silphen DM; Simply Cough; St. Joseph; Vicks 44 Cough Relief)
  • Dextromethorphan and Acetaminophen (Tylenol Cough Extra Strength Caplets; Tylenol Cough Medication Regular Strength)
  • Dextromethorphan and Guaifenesin (Benylin Expectorant; Iobid DM; Kolephrin GG/DM; Rhinosyn-DMX Expectorant; Robafen DM; Robitussin-DM; Tolu-Sed DM; Touro DM; Tussi-Organidin DM NR Liquid; Tussi-Organidin DM-S NR Liquid; Vicks 44E Cough and Chest Congestion; Vicks Children's Cough Syrup; Benylin DM-E; Benylin DM-E Extra Strength; Tanta Cough Syrup; Genatuss DM; Phanatuss; Respa-DM; Safe Tussin 30; Scot-Tussin Senior Clear; Silexin Cough; Siltussin DM; Syracol CF; Uni-tussin DM; Vicks Formula 44E; Vicks Formula 44E Pediatric)
  • Dextromethorphan and Iodinated Glycerol (Tusso-DM)
  • Dextromethorphan (Systemic) (Balminil DM; Balminil DM Children; Benylin Adult Formula Cough Syrup; Benylin DM; Benylin DM 12 Hour; Benylin DM for Children; Benylin DM for Children 12 Hour; Benylin Pediatric Cough Suppressant; Broncho-Grippol-DM; Calmylin #1; Cough-X; Creo-Terpin; Delsym; Delsym Cough Formula; Diabe-TUSS DM Syrup; Hold DM; Koffex DM; Novahistex DM; Novahistine DM; Pertussin CS Children's Strength; Pertussin DM Extra Strength; Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough Suppressant; Robitussin Pediatric; Robitussin Pediatric Cough Suppressant; Sucrets 4 Hour Cough Suppressant; Triaminic DM Long Lasting for Children; Trocal; Vicks 44 Cough Relief)
  • Dextrose and Electrolytes (Kao Lectrolyte; Naturalyte; Oralyte; Pedialyte; Pedialyte Freezer Pops; Rehydralyte; Resol; Lytren)
  • Dezocine (Systemic) (Dalgan)
  • Diazepam (Rectal) (Diastat; Diastat Pediatric)
  • Diazepam (Diastat; Diazepam Intensol; Dizac; Valium; Apo-Diazepam; Diazemuls; Novo-Dipam; PMS-Diazepam; Vivol)
  • Diazepam (Injection) (Valium)
  • Diazepam (Oral) (Diazepam Intensol; Valium)
  • Diazoxide (Oral) (Proglycem)
  • Dibucaine (Nupercainal; cinchocaine)
  • Dibucaine (Topical) (Nupercainal)
  • Dibucaine (Nupercainal Cream; Nupercainal Ointment; Cinchocaine)
  • Dichlorphenamide (Daranide; diclofenamide)
  • Diclofenac (Oral) (Cataflam; Voltaren; Voltaren-XR)
  • Diclofenac (Topical) (Solaraze)
  • Diclofenac (Ophthalmic) (Voltaren)
  • Diclofenac (Voltaren Ophtha; Voltaren Ophthalmic)
  • Diclofenac/Misoprostol (Oral) (Arthrotec)
  • Diclofenac (Meclomen; Mobic; Naprelan; Naprosyn; Aleve; Anaprox; Anaprox DS; Cataflam; Clinoril; Cotylbutazone; Daypro; EC-Naprosyn; Feldene; Ponstel; Relafen; Voltaren; Alka Butazolidin; Apo-Diclo; Apo-Napro-Na; Apo-Napro-Na DS; Apo-Naproxen; Apo-Phenylbutazone; Apo-Piroxicam; Apo-Sulin; Apo-Tenoxicam; Butazolidin; PMS-Piroxicam; Ponstan; Synflex; Synflex DS; Voltaren Rapide; Voltaren SR; Meclofenamic acid; Mobiflex; Naprosyn-E; Naprosyn-SR; Naxen; Novo-Difenac; Novo-Difenac SR; Novo-Naprox; Novo-Naprox Sodium; Novo-Naprox Sodium DS; Novo-Pirocam; Novo-Sundac; Novo-Tenoxicam; Nu-Diclo; Nu-Naprox; Nu-Pirox)
  • Diclofenac and Misoprostol (Systemic) (Arthrotec 50; Arthrotec 75)
  • Diclofenac (Topical) (Solaraze)
  • Dicloxacillin (Oral) (Dynapen)
  • Dicloxacillin (Pathocil; Dynapen; Dycill)
  • Dicumarol (dicoumarol)
  • Dicyclomine (Oral) (Bentyl)
  • Dicyclomine (dicycloverine; Bentyl; Bentylol; Formulex; Spasmoban)
  • Didanosine (Oral) (Videx; Videx EC)
  • Didanosine (Systemic) (ddI; Videx)
  • Dienestrol (Vaginal) (Ortho Dienestrol)
  • Dienestrol (Ortho Dienestrol; dienoestrol)
  • Diethylcarbamazine (Systemic) (Hetrazan)
  • Diethylpropion (Oral) (Tenuate; Tenuate Dospan)
  • Diethylpropion (Tenuate; Tenuate Dospan; Tepanil Ten-Tab; Amfepramone)

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